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Final Grade Calculator allows you to determine what grade score do you need on your final exam to get the desired grade in a class.

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About Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator Online

Welcome to the final grade calculator. It's a one-stop solution to find the targeted final exam grade and overall grade. Even more, it supports to enter multiple grades too.

Generally, school or college students are calculating the final grade manually to check what grade they need on their final exam to achieve the targeted grade in a class.

Even I was doing the same thing when I was a student. But it was a very frustrating and boring task to do it with pen and paper. Because I had to remember the formula, then place the values on it, and find the results. Sometimes it gives false results. Therefore, I turned to online resources. There were a few calculators on the Internet. But none of them met my standard.

Since I am a front-end developer now. So, I thought why don't I have to make a good final grade calculator by myself? It will help lots of students or parents who are regularly looking for this type of tool. Also, it will save time and effort.

Finally, I made it. And... here is the result. I hope it will help you out.

How to Calculate Final Exam Grade?

It's very easy to figure out the final exam grade using the formula. It's just simple math that you can do on any calculator.

  FG =  
(RG - (1 - WT) × CG)


FG = Final Exam Grade
RG = Required Grade that you want for a class
WT = Final Exam Weight
CG = Current Grade

Let's take an example to understand it more deeply.


Suppose my current grade in math class is 77% (or C+). Now I want to score at least 85% (or B) in class for the term. Final exam weight is 45%. Find out what grade(percentage) do I need on my final exam?

Firstly, apply the values to the formula.

  FG =  
(RG - (1 - WT) × CG)

CG = 77%
RG = 85%
WT = 45% = (Convert into decimal: 45 ÷ 100 = 0.45)

So, let's start the calculation.

  FG =  
(85 - (1 - 0.45) × 77)
  FG =  
(85 - (0.55 × 77))
  FG =  
(85 - 42.35)
  FG =  
FG = 94.78%

Therefore, I need to score 94.78% on my finals to get 85% in class.

It's a little bit confusing to do it manually. Right? No worries! Use the final grade calculator to make it easy, fast, and accurate. Also, you don't need to remember the formula all the time.

How to use Final Grade Calculator?

There are three tabs that you can see on the top of the page.

  1. Final
  2. Overall Grade
  3. Multiple Grade

Each tab contains different calculators. When you click on each, the appropriate calculator will appear below. Also, by default, it is set to "Final" and you can do the final grade calculation on that. Even more, if you want to calculate the overall grade then you can choose the second tab. The last tab is to find the final grade with multiple grades.

Now open the Final Grade Calculator and follow the instructions below.

1. Final

Firstly, enter the current grade, desired grade, and final exam weight respectively in the input boxes. After that, you can click on the "Calculate" button to start the process. As a result, you can find the grade needed on the final exam below.

Final Grade Calculation
2. Overall Grade

If you already have taken your final test in school, then you can calculate your overall grade now. The process is very much similar to the Final one. Just enter the values and hit "Calculate". That's it. At last, you will get an overall course grade as output.

Overall Grade Calculator
3. Multiple Grades

This is the most important and unique thing about this tool. Even more, it makes it the most recommended calculator on the Internet.

Here you can enter multiple grades with weight using the "+" button. Also, there is no limit to enter grades. So, you can enter as many as you want. In addition, you can choose the grade type in-between "Percentage" and "Letter".

Most importantly, you have to take care of one thing.

That is: Sum of wights must be equal to total weights!

It means,

Grade Weight + Final Exam Weight = Total Weights

Otherwise, it will give you an error message.

Calculate Final Grade with Multiple Grades

Key Features

User-Friendly Design

Design is the only thing that directly effects the user's mind. Therefore, I made the app design very simple and light weighted. So, anyone can easily go through all the features.


Calculator is fully responsive on all the instruments. Hence, you can access it on all type of largr to handy devices. Such as smart phone, iPad, and laptop/pc. Also, it is compatible with all the browsers.

Fast & Accurate

Tool is very fast and accurate. It gives you an output in less than a second. Also, it runs on pre-defined algorithms. So, there is no chance for mistakes.


I hope you are now clear on how to calculate the final grade. Use this tool anytime and anywhere on any device. And of course, it's totally free to use.