Final Grade Calculator

Final grade calculator helps to find what grade do I need on my final exam to achieve the desired score.

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What is Final Grade Calculator?

Final Grade Calculator Online

This free final grade calculator will take your final exam preparation to new heights. You can use this online tool to find the grade score needed to achieve your desired grade in the final exams.

In short, it will tell you the difference between your current grade and desired grade according to the total weightage. In this way, you can more specifically set your targets.

The tool uses a simple formula to evaluate the final exam grade using the values of required grade, current grade, and final exam weight.

How do I Calculate my Final Grade?

Firstly, Let's have a closer look at the formula or equation to determine the final grade.

  F =  
( R - ( 1 - W ) × C )


F = Final Exam Grade
R = Required Grade that you want for a class
W = Final Exam Weight
C = Current Grade

However, it seems to be a simple calculation and but it is very time-consuming. Whereas the tool will give you the same answer in less than a second.

Let's understand the working of the formula by seeing some real-world examples.


Jerry studies in school, his current score in Physics is 77%. He is dissatisfied with his current score and aims to score at least 85%. The final exam weightage in his school is 45%. Find out the grade (%) Jerry needs to score to achieve his target.


Current Grade (C) = 77%
Required Grade (R) = 85%
Final Exam Weight (W) = 45% = (Convert into decimal: 45 ÷ 100 = 0.45)

Note: Make sure that the final exam weight(W) must be in decimal form. So, you can divide the percent value by 100 and convert it into a decimal.

Now, apply all the values to the formula to find the final exam grade.

  F =  
(R - (1 - W) × C)
  F =  
(85 - (1 - 0.45) × 77)
  F =  
(85 - (0.55 × 77))
  F =  
(85 - 42.35)
  F =  
Final Grade = 94.78%

So, Jerry requires to score 94.78% in the final exam to achieve his target of 85%.

As you can see above, the mathematical calculation can be time taking and a little bit confusing. Hence, we built the easy-to-use final grade calculator tool for your convenience.

Features of Final Grade Calculator

  • Easy to use: The tool is very easy to use because of its simplistic and user-friendly design. Anyone can easily use all the features.
  • Fast and Accurate: Manual calculations are time taking, confusing, and not accurate. Hence, switch to Online Final Grade Calculator. It's very fast and 100% accurate.
  • All-time Available: The tool is free to use and runs on every platforms and device. So, you can use it anytime anywhere. Just what you need is an Internet connection. Also, the tool is very lightweight. Therefore, it doesn't require a very fast Internet network to run.
  • Effective for Exam Preparation: Using this tool you can effectively prepare for your exams by setting your goal. It lets you know the gap between your current preparation level and the preparation level required for achieving the targeted results.
  • No Login or Signup Required: No need to register or login to use the web application. Just open it and start using it. Also, there are no calculation limits. You can use it infinite times.

How to use the Finals Calculator?

The tool has three tabs that are clearly visible on the top of the page:

  1. Final
  2. Overall Grade
  3. Multiple Grade

Each tab does different tasks and uses different formulas. The first tab is the Final tab which is the default tab. If you want to simply find the final grade then you can go with it. However, for even more you can go for Overall Grade or Multiple Grade tabs. Let's know about each of them one by one.

1. Final

It is used to find the grade needed in the final exam to achieve the desired grade. This tab has three input boxes: Current Grade, Desired Grade, and Final Exam Weight. Fill these three input boxes with the correct value and click on "Calculate" to get the final grade needed.

Final Grade Calculation
2. Overall Grade

This calculator is used to find the overall course grade when you have already given the final exam. It also has three input boxes: Current Average Grade, Final Exam Grade, and Final Exam Weight. Enter values in these three boxes and hit the "Calculate" to get the overall course grade.

Overall Grade Calculator
3. Multiple Grades

This is the most special feature in the Final Grade Calculator which allows you to enter multiple grades with weight. You can add multiple grades using the "+" button.

Also, you can easily switch between grade types. Here, you can enter the grades in Percentage or Letter. Just select the type you want. Enter the correct values in their respective input boxes and click on Calculate to start the process.

While giving the values, make sure that the sum of weights must be equal to the total weights.

It means,

Grade Weight + Final Exam Weight = Total Weights
Calculate Final Grade with Multiple Grades


This was the complete information about the very useful Final Grade Calculator. From now onwards start using it for strategizing your studies. Also, you can use it as many times as you can. It's totally free and no registration required. Just start using it simply!